Being loving

Being loving is being honest and true to your Self



And sometimes it means that you are not all “sweetness and nice”.

Never again allow anyone to trample on your Truth. Never allow some mind ideal of “goodness” to persuade you to give your power away to anyone else. Never put someone else’s priorities over your own inner guidance. Stand up for yourself and you will no longer fall for anything (especially self doubt!).

And sometimes you must stand your ground, and sometimes you must keep your peace, and sometimes you just sit and watch, and sometimes you stand up and walk away, and sometimes you will stay away.

There are no rules. You just respond to the moment and from your heart. No one will give you your “space”. You have to take it, own it and cherish it.

No more justifying yourself or how you feel, watering down your truth to appease others, denying of who you are to save others from themselves (their judgments of themselves through projection on to you). Love and honesty go together and so stop doubting yourself because you are sharing your true Self.


Love is truth. Love is courage. Love is power. Love is steadfast.

You are not in this world to please others. You are here to be you and be happy in the highest version of you. To discover all you can be. And in doing so you will not be able to hold back the impulses to encourage others to become empowered for the knowing of WE will bring you the greatest joy.

Have the courage to be fully you