Kundalini is the core and the strength of our being. It is the divine Goddess herself who flows through our being as life.

Kundalini is Sanscrit and means “coiled up energy”, residing at the base of the spine in the root chakra. This Primal Goddess represents Shakti, the force, which operates in the universe and is known as the Divine Mother.

The same processes that happen in the Universe in a blink of an eye, namely from creating, maintaining and disappearing again, are also working in our own system, because we are a holographic expression of the universal Oneness. It works just like a drop, which contains the essence of the entire ocean. All that is present in a droplet, is also found in the ocean. In an instant, countless worlds are destroyed. For various reasons, countless civilizations perish by the power of the creator and large numbers of worlds and life forms are created.

In a similar manner Kundalini exists in each of us. For many, many centuries, we have forgotten Her latent power within us, because of the limits that the body imposes on us and because we identify with the limits of the mind. We are all researchers who have entered body after body, always using the mind. Over time we have forgotten our limitless capacities through a centuries-long journey through unmentionable physical and non-physical realities.

In most people, there are only a few sparks of Kundalini life force alive, and that is the cause of the limited way we think, act, and live our lives.

Most of the life energy has been dormant for ages, and we have lived countless lives where we did not wake up and we were unaware of our inner power.

The objective of a spiritual Master, the Divine Mother, and a group of advanced beings of light is to awaken this Cosmic Force inside of us.

We ust always be respectful and cautious, but not fearful. Kundalini is like playing with fire. We need to be respectful of her power and awesome force, which is released through spiritual techniques, by the grace of a spiritual Master, or the one who makes her awakening and unfolding possible through initiations.

Once awakened, Kundalini will never return to its dormant state. Therefore we must prepare ourselves for countless manifestations of Kundalini. Kundalini rises up from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, until she becomes a permanent beacon of the dynamic light of love in us. She opens dimensions of reality that are normally hidden from our perception, and we obtain a cosmic vision of the totality. This happens when She merges with the Cosmic Unity in the crown of the head. The crown can even open up, allowing Kundalini to blend in boundless consciousness, in order to show us that we are essentially timeless and limitless. This is the beginning of true spirituality, because this expansion has no limits.

After a certain point of awakening, the energy can be so powerful that the human body in its present state of evolution can not keep up. Therefore, we must transform into bodies of a higher order to understand its infinite expansion.

We must understand that Kundalini is a superior form of intelligence. She knows exactly when, where and how to move through our system and what we need for our personal evolution. She manifests in many forms : cleaning and tidying, restoring our creativity and intelligence, restoration of our intuition and numerous other capabilities that have remained hidden and unused.

The beauty of the “Paths of Grace” as Oneness is one of them, is that such an awakening and revealing is actually done for us.

However, we must remain vigilant and cautious, and practice purity of mind.

Kundalini burns and consumes large amounts of negative karma and negative impressions in our system, but some negative influences manifest themselves in our outer lives. Others will never manifest, without being aware of it.

Outward manifestations may be very subtle or occur undisguised in the form of laughing, crying, screaming, rolling, spontaneous practicing mudras (characters with the hands) or sacred gestures, spontaneous practicing Hatha Yoga postures, cradling or shocks of the body, the spontaneous dancing, making all kinds of animal sounds, reciting mantras, etc. This is all done by the grace of the awakened Shakti.

We must train ourselves simply to witness that all these processes are Divine in nature, and we must be convinced that nothing happens to be afraid of. These processes come and go, and eventually they will all disappear.

Often you can feel heat or cold, you can have a heavy feeling, you can get sweaty or extremely dry. You can feel fast or slow vibrations, or a pulsating sensation. This may continue for days or seconds. Sometimes the heart beats very fast for hours. Sometimes breathing patterns spontaneously arise. All this is due to the purifying action of the intelligence of the Goddess.

Kundalini can work at any time of the day on any chakra whatsoever. There are no guidelines. She can work on our physical and astral body,on the causal body, and on the supra-causal body, the seven other bodies, all one by one, or all at the same time.

Sometimes seemingly nothing happens, but if we are pure, we can experience very subtle movements and also have subtle feelings.

Sometimes throught the action of Kundalini, we have insights, healings, breakthroughs and ideas that solve problems in our lives.

Sometimes latent diseases can occur and disappear. Everything that has to leave the body is brought out or consumed.

Kundalini works multi-dimensional and purifies previous lives. This can happen suddenly, and extend across many dimensions and on countless lives, while we do not know about consciously.

What normally would cost millions of years in order to be purified, can be reduced to seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, or several years. All this by the grace of the Goddess herself, while this was rarely available to the great mass of humanity on this planet, that is until NOW.

Kundalini meditation should not be exaggerated. We must use our common sense. Practice this meditation in a moderate way, and know your limits. It’s not a competition.

You have to take a lot of rest, drinking fresh water, and use no food that the body can not tolerate. Avoid excessive use of meat, fish, eggs and dairy products.

Don’t give or get too much Deeksha, if you feel uncomfortable with it or if you experience too much vague symptoms or headache. You need to carefully define your own pace.

Deeksha transmits incredible amounts of cosmic energy toward those who are receptive to it, but we must also keep an eye on our own abilities.

If we take a small bucket of water from the ocean, we first need to process that amount, right?

Little by little we will be able to fill and process larger buckets, until we become the ocean.

Article written by Dr. Rama, with much gratitude