Meditation is very simple. It is about having the courage to be silent and alone, taking some time to just BE with yourself, relaxed and in your center. Meditation is a method to grow in consciousness and the only way to become free of psychological suffering.

Meditation is especially good for busy people in order to reduce tension, minimize chronic stress, relax and unwind. Nobody needs meditation more than people who have no time to meditate. 

Most traditional meditation techniques were developed thousands of years ago for people living a very different lifestyle than today. Few people today find it easy to just sit down and relax. However, there are different meditation methods that can actually be integrated into everyday life.

The aim of all the techniques is to teach the practitioner how to find the stillness in the storm of daily life.

As the mind becomes completely empty, your whole energy becomes a flame of awakening.
This flame is the result of meditation. So you can say meditation is another name of watching, witnessing, observing – without any judgment, without any evaluation. Just by watching, you immediately get out of the mind