Chakra Dhyana

“Chakra Dhyana” is a very powerful meditation practiced and known to Indian seers for over 5000 years. This practice basically involves 3 important components: awareness, visualization and sound vibration. Activation of the seven main chakras opens up various doors of your consciousness and senses, thereby connecting you with your divinity.

As each of the chakra energy comes alive, we clear and heal our issues that are reflected in each chakra. And so we can find ourselves in a wonderful alignment, integration and flow with our true nature. This process of alignment and integration is an ongoing process.

For optimum results it is recommended that you sit in a comfortable posture with your spine erect and the body completely relaxed. Gently touch your index fingers and your thumb and place both your palms facing skywards on your laps.

Wait for the chanting to begin. As you listen to the name of each chakra, become aware of the location and visualize that chakra. As you listen to the Bija mantra being chanted, you too could chant the same inward or outward, or silently focus on that chakra.

Between each chakra, when kundalini Arohanam is chanted, visualize a bright golden fluid flooding that chakra and turning the chakra to bright golden in colour.

This meditation must not be performed in the lying down posture.

Close your eyes and deeply inhale and exhale. Become aware of your breath.

Chakra Dhyana from Florian Meeuwsen on Vimeo.


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