Oneness is a higher state of consciousness.

When you experience causeless Love, you are in Oneness


What is causeless Love?

Sri Bhagavan:
The Love that we mean is not an emotion, nor some power. This Love cannot be spoken about. We can only describe what it is not.

It is not attachment, it is not possession, it is not concern, it is not caring, it is none of these things. For example, the love of a parent for the child is not this love. The love between a man and a woman is not this love. The love of your friend is not this love.

It is the stuff with which this universe is created. It is the stuff of the universe. It is your true nature. It is that which is there. If you go deeper and deeper into reality with what there is, it is emptiness. It is all emptiness.

That emptiness is causeless Love. It has to be experienced. Only then you will know what it is. Otherwise it is beyond your understanding. We are not condemning the love you are experiencing now. This kind of love is perfectly fine. But for this love there must be a cause. It must be your child, wife, friend, then there is love.

On the other hand, when you experience  causeless Love, you are in Oneness

You are no more seperate from the dog, the beggar, the rich. Nobody is seperate from you. There is complete Oneness. It is a Love born of Oneness. So, it has no cause.


The Temple of the Supreme Light – Andra Pradesh – India