Moola Mantra

The Moolamantra is the mantra for the present Yuga (age). The word ‘Moola’ means the source of everything, in fact the source of all grace. The Moolamantra is a benediction from the Supreme Light to all who seek to end their suffering and to those who aspire to reach a higher spiritual state. This mantra is like the philosopher’s stone, which turns everything into gold. It transforms the lives of all who chant it. There are innumerable testimonies about the power and efficacy of the Moolamantra and its effect on the material and spiritual dimensions.

Millions of people around the world chant Moolamantra in their Homes, Temples to receive Blessings of the Supreme Light.

Most of the mantras have been revealed to the Seers during ancient times and have been chanted generation after generation for many thousands of years.

This new “Oneness Moolamantra” has been revealed during the month of March 2016 in the context of the Golden Orb phenomenon that is bringing about an extraordinary Awakening in the collective consciousness of humanity.

Moolamantra is a response to the needs that humanity has expressed during this particular moment in time, taking us to the next level of evolution and growth in consciousness.


The meaning of the Moolamantra

Om Shreem Sarveshwaraya Namaha
« Salutation to All That Is »

Om Shreem Param Jyotiye Namaha
« Salutation to the Supreme Light »

Om Shreem Param Premaya Namaha
« Salutation to the Supreme Love”

Om Shreem Param Kaarunaaya Namaha
« Salutation to the Supreme Compassion »

Om Shreem Param Pavithraya Namaha
« Salutation to the Supreme Sacredness”

If you want to experience a huge shift in your life, you may chant (or listen to) this mantra 3 x 108 times daily.


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NAMAHA I thank you and acknowledge this Presence in my life.
I ask for your guidance at all times