Oneness Deeksha

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Oneness Deeksha is a phenomenon. It is a transfer of divine energy and a major leap in humanity’s spiritual journey, for it directly affects the neurobiology of the brain and results in a direct experience of a higher consciousness.

Since the phenomenon is primarily experiential in nature, it never narrows down to embracing a particular belief system or tradition. Hence, people of practically every national, cultural or religious disposition feel an immediate sense of comfort since the Deeksha only awakens them to their own truths or their Higher Self.

Even business entrepreneurs and scientists are fascinated with this phenomenon that transcends belief and lands you straight in an experience of reality whatever that may be for you. Deeksha is very popular among highly academic circles for its immensely empirical and dogma-free nature.

Evolution in one’s consciousness manifests as changes in all spheres of our life – health, wealth, relationships & spiritual growth. Deeksha brings about a growth in consciousness, thus heightening your life experience. Deeksha changes emotions and perceptions or helps one be free of perceptions. This shift changes one’s approach to challenges and opportunities since when perceptions change one no more perceives a problem as a problem. When perceptions change reality may also change because the external world is merely a reflection of the inner world. Higher perceptions and positive emotions create a more successful and fulfilling life.

Effort does have a role in Deeksha. While effort in the form of introspection, contemplation, asking the right question, having an intent, external doing etc. is also essential. The role of effort in this context is analogous to a plane speeding on a runway to take off, but the actual take-off also demands an appropriate wind current. Deeksha is like the current that finally lifts the plane off the ground.

How it works?

Deeksha is given through laying hands on the recipient’s head or sometimes through intent. In this case, the giver holds the receiver in his or her awareness for a few minutes and allows the Deeksha to flow.

In this way, it can be given at a distance of thousands of miles or to a large group of people all at the same time.

Deeksha unfolds differently in every individual as it depends on what the receiver may need it most.



Benefits of Deeksha

These are some of the common benefits in receiving Deeksha, as reported by the recipients. One can experience greater effects of it with prolonged exposure.


  • awakens creative potentials, abilities and intelligence
  • increases ability to learn
  • resolves inner conflict leading to inner peace and harmony
  • brings love to relationships
  • heals emotional hurts, reduces thought burden, silences the mind
  • evokes affection, friendship and a sense of connectedness.
  • awakens compassion
  • infuses vitality
  • heals the body by healing the mind
  • relaxes the body and relieves stress
  • helps build love and appreciation for the body
  • invokes auspicious energies
  • removes blocks that hinder success
  • makes possible a mental frame for abundance
  • initiates a journey into experiencing unconditional love and joy
  • initiates a journey into Awakening and Self Realization