Gabrielle Nandini


Gabrielle Nandini is a contemporary mystic and spiritual teacher in the awakening of higher consciousness.

Born and raised in Belgium, Gabrielle Nandini experienced for the first time a spontaneous expansion of consciousness at the young age of 16.  This was a pivoting experience, which would proof to be very important in helping her overcome health challenges later in her life.

Through meditation and self-development, she found inner peace, fulfillment and healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

More than 10 years ago she experienced an awakening of the Kundalini, which gave her a profound change of perception and awareness.

Her spiritual yearning has brought her to many places in the world. She chose to leave her professional career as a Public Relations officer to pursue her inner passion of spiritual teaching.

Since 2013, Gabrielle Nandini is living in Mauritius.


During the last 25 years, she was guided intuitively to meet several spiritual Masters from different lineages in America, UK, South Africa and India. Her aspiration was to make a synthesis of the teachings of East and West. And so her work culminated into Oneness.

She is a certified Oneness trainer since 2010.


Her focus and specialty is guiding people (both individually and in groups) towards finding their inner peace, strength, values and inner compass to discover their full potential.

She shares her own journey of conscious Awakening and transformation. Through guided meditations and the transfer of Deeksha, she awakens the power of Presence (life force, kundalini) within everyone.

The Presence is a unified field of consciousness that carries a deeper wisdom and capacity to love unconditionally and is connected to all of life. It is a universal intelligence which is all the time responding to all.